This August our Saturday night route 66 dinners will be visiting the Deep South.

Let's look at them one by one:


The Volunteer State

Q: What do Tennessee Volunteers do on Halloween?
A: Pump kin!

Q: Why are there so many unsolved murders in Tennessee?
A: There are no dental records and everyone has the same DNA

Q: Why do ducks fly over Tennessee upside down?
A: There's nothing worth craping on!

Q: Why couldn't the baby Jesus be born in Tennessee?
A: Because they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin.

Q: What's the most popular pick up line in Tennessee?
A: Nice tooth!

Q: Why do folks from Tennessee go to the movie theater in groups of 18 or more?
A: 17 and under are not admitted.


The Magnolia or Hospitality State

Some might call it the Dumb One as, consistently, it scores at the bottom in educational testing. It did produce one of us, though. The one that grew up thinking Greece was spelled Grease (it's an easy mistake, people – OD) Not that it can't be, just not when referring to the country (they teach us that up north). Maybe when you grow up in the midst of such brain activity you also stop noticing the 10-storey high crucifixes on the roadside. Who can say.


The Peach State

Georgia was the last of the original 13 colonies and one of the original 7 Confederate states (see I'm showing my retention of history class, don't ask me what I did last week, however). I had another whole paragraph filled with interesting facts about the Civil War but OD deleted all of it saying, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."


The Natural State

Not to be nasty, but we're not sure what to make of Arkansas. In fact, our favorite American cooking encyclopaedia can't figure it out either. They lump it with the Mid-Atlantic States yet it's nowhere near the coast. It's above Louisiana and next to Texas but also near the Great Plains and Midwest regions but, as recipes go, it doesn't seem to draw too much from those regions. There isn't a single recipe in the book, for that matter, it just simply shows up on the map.


Deep South

gin, ginger, orange, lime

Mississippi Punch

bourbon, cognac, lemon juice

Southern Mule

southern comfort, lime, bitters, ginger beer

Goin' to Graceland

whiskey, blackberry cordial, lime, lemonade

Appalachian Rush

bourbon, orange liqueur, cranberry, lime

Tennessee Iced Tea

whiskey, rum, vodka, Cointreau, lemon, cola




Fried Green Tomatoes

Delilah's Sausauge Ring


Chicken and Cornbread Casserole

Bourbon Steaks with Baked Grits

Pulled Pork with Creamed Corn

Fried Catfish



Baked Beans

Creamed Corn


And we'll be sure to whip up something sweet to end the night.