Everyone talks about New England in the Fall, and true, the leaves are beautiful. But on the other side of the country, the Pacific Coast Highway looks pretty spectacular too. So we decided to head to the Golden State as it's the colour of the season.

Our menu features classics born in California such as Chop Suey, America's attempt at Chow Mein, which was served up to the thousands of Chinese workers toiling to build the railroad. Along the lower hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is Placerville, a former hub of gold mining. Your typical rough and ready gold rush town, it's nickname was Hangtown - apparently garnered when three fugitive murders were hanged from an old oak tree in the town's only street. In this friendly place, a miner flush with cash from striking gold ordered the kitchen to make him 'whatever is most expensive'. The kitchen obliged with eggs, bacon and oysters - the Hangtown Fry - which is always a huge favourite here.

California is also home to a modern cooking pioneer, Alice Waters, who championed bringing fresh, local produce back into the kitchen. She started a local food movement that has spread all the way to West London with our Farmers' Markets and Whole Foods stores. On Friday 16th, we'll dedicate an entire menu to her, to complement our Californian Wine Tasting (click here for more on that), but if you can't make that, her divinely simple Olive Oil Eggs are here every Saturday night this month:


Alice Waters' Olive Oil Eggs

on sourdough bread, heirloom tomato salad 11.5

Berkeley Baked Goat Cheese

fresh seasonal greens 7.5

Brown Derby Cobb (on Hollywood and Vine)

bacon, avocado, chicken breast, tomato, hard-boiled egg,

chives and blue cheese 12.5

Chop Suey

Made to order like you're working the railroad (minus the dynamite)

so sit back and take a (well-earned) rest 11.5

Mexi-Cali Burrito

Two burritos with watermelon salsa, chicken, blackbeans

and avocado 14.5

Hangtown Fry

We shuck um oysters, bacon and eggs all fried up 14.5