It is by pure fate we arrive at our next region today, 11 September 2014.

For no reason, we are following the outline of one of our favorite resources which divides America into regions in no particular order. Given we have used this book consistently for the past twelve or so years one would think the logic would reveal itself. It hasn’t.  Not to us, anyway.  As for the timing of our menu switcheroo, that comes down to being distracted by a council-issued to-do list.  You know, the kind that focuses on minutia while over looking the obvious.  The sane.  The rational.  The reasonable.  Example?  Here goes:  a microscopic chip was pointed out on a stair tread.  After staunching the blood flowing from my newly bitten tongue, I opted to investigate the council’s perspective on another issue, namely that of a neighbour who has taken to burning trash in the rear car park.  A fire that is no longer “contained” in a cracked bin, but one that is ignited directly on the pavement.  The goal was to see what, exactly, posed a real risk/danger.  The answer?  The microscopic chip.  Not uncontained flames nor smoke in the midst of an enclosed car park in a densely populated urban area often found in the middle of the day.  Yes.  Of course.  Who am I to determine if that poses any threat to the health and welfare of people or property?  Silly me.  To be fair, we have a rather long to-do list ourselves and some items overlap with the Jobsworth List.  Perhaps we won’t have to divert too many resources to finishing our tasks.  With just the right amount of wind speed and direction, we might be reduced to a pile of cinder in no time.              

So given the convergence of council-induced stress and the time of year, we opt for full-on comfort food with a variety of things one could find at any proper diner.  On any corner.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Provided you were in New York, that is.  But you’re here.  And so are we.  And we might be able to help.  

The Waldorf
The Last Word – what very New Yorker wants
The Big Apple
The Perfect Manhattan
The Bronx
Brooklyn Cocktail
Egg Cream
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Karnatzlach or Yiddish Sausage
Turkey Joe on Mac N Cheese Pancake
Blue Plate Turkey Burger on English Muffin
Chicken Parmesan
Tuna Melt
Steak Diane
Brooklyn Duck Meatloaf
Baked Bean Cobbler
Noodle Pudding
Delmonico Potatoes 
Nesselrode Pie
Foster’s Frozen Lime Pie
Blackout Cake