Whew.  Been a long time.  Just needed to make sure the keyboard still worked.

So far, so good.  Sorry for the delay, but we were busy with our Washington Wine Tasting Dinner and then...well...admittedly...we got a little lazy so we coasted for a week.  But we’ve limbered up, stretched, re-organized, re-booted.

Still waiting for fall, but at the very least we can offer up some fall flavor including, but not limited to, Spiced Apple Cider Soda which gets a full round of upturned thumbs.  And to all who know the difference, yes, it tastes like cider from home not the British stuff.

Now, the Mid-Atlantic region.  Being from said region, I’ve never understood what constitutes the area or doesn’t.  It seems no two resources can agree.  Apologies to all who may disagree, but we’ve opted for this combo:  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.  Some would include New York but we just did that (in part) and when consulting  a map you’d think Virginia should get lumped in there.  Too southern.  Sort of.  You can’t even use our Mason Dixon line for reference since that lies between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  So who really knows?  And, perhaps, who really gives a shit?  No doubt you just want to know what we’re serving for the next few weeks.

A quick note to all who are thinking ahead to turkey and cornbread stuffing...we’ve added a third night this year since sadly many folks missed out last year.  Seats for Thanksgiving Day are already nearly gone with Friday and Saturday moving apace. 


Delaware Craft Beers

(if the supplier can get them from Hounslow to us in less than 10 days - his usual lead time)


Liberty Bell

Lightning Bolt

Penn’s Pleasure

New Jersey Devil

Born in the USA

The Minuteman

Baltimore Bang

Preakness Cocktail

Army & Navy


Braunschweiger Canape

Crab and Shrimp Chowder

Head Bangers w/ Root Mash

Jonny Mazette

Philly Cheese Steak

Shaker Brisket

Butternut Lasagna

Roast Cauliflower

Shaved Sprouts



Grasshopper Pie

Smith Island Cake (Maryland)