Number 44

The Equality State and/or The Cowboy State

There we were happily en route to West Virginia when suddenly we got a call: please, please could we turn back and head out to Wyoming instead?  With all this backseat driving lately, you’d think we had some sort of deal with Uber.  But no.  Seems one West Virginian who shall remain nameless is, oh, doing a triathlon this week and asked if we could skip Number 35 since she’s in training.  Get her.  Miss Fancy Pants Triathlon.  Or is it Miss Fancy Swimsuit/Cycle Shorts/Running Shorts?  Either way, we opted to oblige.      

With less than 6 people per square mile, it comes as no surprise Wyoming is the least populous of the lot.  Roughly speaking, that’s akin to 13 people living in all of Chiswick.  Most likely those 13 would live on a single ranch (let’s call it Chiswick House) leaving no one elsewhere.  So while most of West London is being closed down with road works and traffic jams, no one around for miles sounds pretty good right about now.

Wyoming is home to the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, which is home to Old Faithful, the geyser which erupts about every 91 minutes or the time it takes to drive up Chiswick High Road to the North Circular.  In that same amount of time, one could research and develop a menu and write about it.  Like its neighbors, Wyoming owes a lot of its culinary traditions to American Indians.  Wide open plateaus are dotted with enough mountains so eastern water eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico whilst western eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean (what we Yanks like to call the Continental Divide).  Wyoming is home bison and buffalo herds and loads of wild game.  Not exactly the summery-est of options, so we pick and choose wisely.  Given these givens, and given there aren't a whole lot of Wyomingites generating foodie buzz and info, herewith is The Equality State for your dining pleasure. 




Wyoming Sling

Lavender Berry Slush

The Rattler

Yellowstone Martini

Rhinestone Cowgirl


Laramie Loaf

Code 10 Sausage Chili

Bison Tacos on Fry Bread

Cheyenne Turkey Burger

Root Beer Pulled Pork

4-Bear BBQ Burgers (and no, it's not Yogi)

Cowboy Carrots

Blue Corn Bread

Roosevelt Beans


Wyoming Pudding

Buffalo Cookies n (ice) Cream

Eskimo Bars