Where it all began (begins anew).

We’re beat.  No bones about it.  We’re beat.  A little over a year of driving around the country, repeat visits, special stops requested here and there driving driving driving cooking cooking cooking tasting researching tweaking and finally finishing our nationwide taste trek.  Whew.  Time to rotate the tires.  Change the oil.  Let the motor cool down.

Many of you have asked what’s next.  Many have asked for do overs for one reason or another.  Many have suggested a “best of” or “top 10” type menu.  We thought there was a tad more research to be done.  Nothing too grand.  Nothing too ambitious.  And certainly nothing esoteric.  It’s food.  It should be enjoyed.  It should be delicious.  It really shouldn’t challenge your mind.  That’s what work is for.  So we opt to put all these thoughts together in one new agenda.

So...herewith...we propose the following...

In very broad strokes which, given this crowd, will no doubt invite debate, America can be divided into 13 regions.  Given said debate, we fully anticipate addendum to this new agenda.  In a mathematic twist of fate, when the 52 weeks of the year are divided by 13 we get the lovely 4 which means every 4 weeks we will be shifting our focus from one region to another.  What we’re hoping is to determine possible similarities amongst the states that make up a region.  In some instances, the state is the region and with good cause.  To achieve the desired results/effects, we refer back to our state-by-state menus to choose the “best of” dishes.  Think of it like a slide show after your aunt’s safari.  Okay.  That dated us.  Maybe think of it like swiping through endless Facebook or Instagram selfies to find the one image that actually means something.  Something worth remembering.  That is if you were alert enough during the experience to actually experience the experience and not experience only the focusing of the camera/smartphone/tablet/hand-held electronic device of whatever kind.  Note to the Poles in the crowd...stay away from the edge.  Too soon?  Sorry.  But it kinda illustrates the point, no?  So to recap...we are dividing the states into regions.  Each region is made up of any number of states or sometimes just the one.  Each regional menu will be made up of the best dishes from our previous jaunts through those states.  We remain open to suggestion.  Open to finding culinary influences from those regions.  Open to discovering something new and delicious.  We leave no pancake unturned in our quest.   Plus we really like to eat so that helps...

To begin our new chapter, we thought it best to start at the beginning, of sorts:  New England.  That would mean Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  We will briefly but lavishly re-visit this region come November for Thanksgiving (which began in Massachusetts) so we opt to omit any of those dishes now because we know they are on the menu then.  As mentioned, if any of your favorites do not appear, let us know and we will make amends.  Off we go...


The Expatriot

Blue & Stahmy



Live Free or Die


Connecticut Bulldog

Brass Monkey

Rhode Island Red 

Narragansett Casino


Burlington Sazerac


Before The Fall


New England Crab Cakes

Red Bread

White Bean Fennel Dip

New Haven White Pizza w/ Clams

Maine Lobster Rolls

White Mountain Burger on our Pretzel Roll

Drunken Spare Ribs



Brown Ale Cheddar Bacon Mac

Beer Bread

Vermont Baked Beans

Harvard Beets


Boston Cream Pie

Lemon Mascarpone Cake w/ Pickled Rhubarb