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This summer was a roller coaster. With all this talk of wall-building, conscious un-couplings, snapchat revelations and now Brangelina, it would be easy to be a little glum going into the fall.

Chatting to our neighbours, the lovely people at Sipsmith, we decided to get together and hold a party to celebrate our fantastic neighbourhood and hopefully cheer us all up after the turbulence of the summer.

Blue Plate presents an eclectic menu of mouth-watering food complemented by refreshing drinks from Sipsmith featuring the wonderful spirits they make right here in W4.

Friday 21st October, 1930hrs to 2300hrs

Tickets - £25 (includes 2 tasting plates from a menu of 4 & 2 drinks from a menu of 4).

Over 18s only.

Additional food and drink will also be available to purchase.

Book tickets here


Come together and celebrate acceptance, diversity and the international flavours of our magnificent city.

Come together and love thy neighbour.



July 4th 2016

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So - how're you doing? We don't get out much - anything going on?

Just kidding. Phew. It's all a bit...hmmm. Well, with all the upheaval and changes, we thought that you might like to get your mind off it with a BBQ.

A July 4th BBQ to be specific.

We're not using the 'I' word this year, doesn't seem quite the time.

Come and join us to celebrate.


Not separately.

July (2nd, 3rd and 4)th 

This year, the holiday falls on a Monday.

So we're going to have our party Saturday night, all day Sunday and Monday.


Saturday 2nd July -  from 6pm to 10pm

Sunday 3rd July - 12pm to 10pm

Monday 4th July - 12pm to 10pm

Please call or email to book:

020 7096 1609


Happy 4th Everyone!


all served with one side, your call  

Burger 12.5

Wake Forest - tangy spicy mustard

Texan - chili cheese

Utahn - blue cheese and fried onion

Hot Diggity Dog 12.5

Arizona flat - chili, onion, cheese, salsa on fried bread

 Mississippi - chili, cheese, chow chow, Rebecca's buns 

BBQ Chicken 12.5 

BBQ Kielbasa 12.5

BBQ Ribs 16.5 

Maine Crawfish Roll  18.5

Pulled BBQ Veggie Pork (Tofu) 10.5 

July 4th Pig Out 22.5

Your choice of burger, a dog and two sides  


Carolina Slaw, Macaroni Salad, Broccoli Salad, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, all at 4.5


Fried Pie 5.5

Cherry, Blueberry or Coconut 


American Pie, Firecracker, All American, Let Freedom Ring, Prohibition Lemonade, 

Summer Smash, Yankee Doddle Dandy, all at 8.5




You may have heard that back where we come from, there’s a little election going on this year. There has been some media coverage. Ok, there’s been a ton of coverage. Even though no one actually knows the names that will be on the November ballot. There have been some pretty crazy moments, and there’s still 8 months to go. Sigh.

So, instead of focussing on our future, we thought we’d look back and celebrate the home state of our current president. Kenya.

Just kidding. As we all now know (even you Donald) the 44th President of the United States of America hails from Hawaii. So for this month’s Route 66, we’re gonna need a boat, as we sail to the isolated volcanic archipelago that is Hawaii. It’s also a name synonymous with paradise, shirts, and some pretty tasty food…


Hawaii Poke 6.5

A tuna, peanut, ginger and sesame salad

Huli Chicken 11.5

Sweet and sour grilled chicken with a peppery kick

Hawaiian Club Sandwich 12.5

two tiered, seared tuna with pineapple, bacon, basil mayo and lettuce on our toasted

Loco Moco 10.5

White rice with a beef burger smothered in gravy and topped with fried eggs

Hawaiian Pizza 12.5

Chicken, ham, pineapple with a tangy sauce on cornmeal pizza dough

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwich 10.5

Fruity and gingery bbq sauce slathered on our roasted pulled pork

Braised Pork Shoulder 14.5

Pineapple and ginger marinated shoulder of pork served on a bed of grits

So, as usual, we're a little behind with our blog for the new year. Yeah, we know it's the end of February. What can we say? We hibernate?

Anyways, we've already had a great Pancake Day – Sweet Potato being the outright favourite – and Valentine's has been and gone too. Whilst we hope there are no broken hearts, nothing will mend them better than some N'awlins Vittles (New Orleans' snack foods). Famous for their Mardi Gras celebrations, it seems fitting to stop off at New Orleans for our Saturday Night Route 66 dinners.


Sweet Red Pepper Soup 5.5

Sweet but sharp finished with cucumber salsa and a dollop of sour cream

Artichoke Flan 6.5

Bleu and cream cheese, with parmesan crust


Louisiana Heffer 10.5

Slow-roasted beef braised w/ house-made ranch dressing on Becca's buns

Grillades & Grits 12.5

Creamy grits topped with sirloin strips braised in dark brown roux

Crawfish Stew 14.5

Creole spice served on red rice

Stuffed Eggplant Pirogues 14.5

Filled with crawfish and roasted veggies and parmesan

Sesame Crusted Catfish 15.5

Peanut and sesame crust, panfried with a dash of soy and citrus


Veggies w/ Sweet Potato Cream 5.5

Sauteed veggies slow-cooked with roasted sweet potato cream

Banana Corn Fritters 5.5

Deep-fried banana with a cornmeal crust, bourbon buttermilk glaze

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