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Wisconsin (how’s our favorite Cheesehead, Heather, doing?)

So, yeah.  Thanksgiving snuck in there.  And we’re all still stumbling around in a bit of a tryptophan coma.  We’ve almost shaken it but there are still a few bits left to finish off both in the fridge and in the laundry.  Then it’s back in the cupboard until next year.  Thanks to all who joined us for three sold-out nights of stuffing.  And wine.  And, from what we hear, hangovers.  Who knew Pilgrims could pack such a punch?

Now.  We’re back at it this week in another neck of our woods.  The Midwest, land of the church supper if ever there was one.  Being from the Northeast, I had to adjust a bit to college in the Midwest.  When I arrived for the start of the school year, I would always moan and groan (huge surprise, that) standing in line at the grocery “why is everyone so slow here?”  Then I’d head back home for Thanksgiving and complain “why is everyone in such a rush?”  Granted it was a holiday, but that was a poor excuse for such a hurried, harried existence.  So after two weeks of prepping for turkey and dressing, and dressing and turkey, and pie and wine and more veg than any one colon should see, we take a cue from our Midwestern brethren and slow it down a notch.  We went with pure, easy comfort just right for the new chill in the air.  And if anyone wants a bit of cranberry compote, it just so happens we have some of that, too. 

Oh, and we apologize on behalf of our people for the idiocy that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Of all the stupidity to cross the ocean...



Chicago Cocktail

Hoosier Hiccup

Autumn in Dubuque


Setroit Athletic Club

Pink Cadillac

The F. Scott Fitzgerald

Upper Lousiana

Uncle Bill’s

Lima Sour

Sandusky Pop

Death’s Door


Asiago Leek Mac n Cheese

Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese


Beef Spiedini

White Clam Artichoke Pizza

Lemon Parmesan Chicken

Fried Pork Sandwich


Temptation Potatoes

Broccoli Salad

Corn Pudding


St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake

Shut up Lee – devoted entirely to someone who shall remain nameless and won’t shut up about cornbread w/ ice cream.  So we went one better, made concrete (aka frozen custard) and grilled the cornbread.  To really fix his wagon, we might even serve it with jam.



Mid Atlantic

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Whew.  Been a long time.  Just needed to make sure the keyboard still worked.

So far, so good.  Sorry for the delay, but we were busy with our Washington Wine Tasting Dinner and then...well...admittedly...we got a little lazy so we coasted for a week.  But we’ve limbered up, stretched, re-organized, re-booted.

Still waiting for fall, but at the very least we can offer up some fall flavor including, but not limited to, Spiced Apple Cider Soda which gets a full round of upturned thumbs.  And to all who know the difference, yes, it tastes like cider from home not the British stuff.

Now, the Mid-Atlantic region.  Being from said region, I’ve never understood what constitutes the area or doesn’t.  It seems no two resources can agree.  Apologies to all who may disagree, but we’ve opted for this combo:  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.  Some would include New York but we just did that (in part) and when consulting  a map you’d think Virginia should get lumped in there.  Too southern.  Sort of.  You can’t even use our Mason Dixon line for reference since that lies between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  So who really knows?  And, perhaps, who really gives a shit?  No doubt you just want to know what we’re serving for the next few weeks.

A quick note to all who are thinking ahead to turkey and cornbread stuffing...we’ve added a third night this year since sadly many folks missed out last year.  Seats for Thanksgiving Day are already nearly gone with Friday and Saturday moving apace. 


Delaware Craft Beers

(if the supplier can get them from Hounslow to us in less than 10 days - his usual lead time)


Liberty Bell

Lightning Bolt

Penn’s Pleasure

New Jersey Devil

Born in the USA

The Minuteman

Baltimore Bang

Preakness Cocktail

Army & Navy


Braunschweiger Canape

Crab and Shrimp Chowder

Head Bangers w/ Root Mash

Jonny Mazette

Philly Cheese Steak

Shaker Brisket

Butternut Lasagna

Roast Cauliflower

Shaved Sprouts



Grasshopper Pie

Smith Island Cake (Maryland)




Is it any wonder you miss our blogs?  No.  Not really.

And since we are loathe to disappoint, we deliver this little tidbit.

Please note, there are only 12 seats remaining.    



10 October 2014


Creole Shrimp w/ dos sauces

butternut or achiote salsa

Hawaiian Punch

 No, not the one from a can.  It's a party punch w/ red wine, cointreau, guava, passion fruit


 Seattle Slather

sour cream, vodka, chive, gherkin, caper, orange and

smoked salmon served on Boston brown bread

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Rielsing 2013


Beet, Basil and Pumpkin Salad

feta, balsamic mustard vinaigrette

Charles Smith Vino Pinot Grigio 2013


Walla Walla Onion Tart w/ Smoked Trout Remoulade

tarragon, gruyere, lemon, mustard

Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah 2013


Wild Mushroom Potage w/ White Truffle Oil

leek, garlic, cream

Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot 2012


Cauliflower Steak

kale pecan pesto

K Vintners Milbrandt Syrah 2010


Roast Salmon

pinot noir mustard, honey, tarragon

Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah 2013


Lamb Burger

balsamic onion, pimento, aioli, kale-tomato gratin

K Vintners Northridge Merlot 2011


Sour Cream Cranberry Pie

honey, walnut

Honey Lavender GoatsCheeseCake

blueberry, port

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Rielsing 2013 


£65.00 all in


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New York City

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It is by pure fate we arrive at our next region today, 11 September 2014.

For no reason, we are following the outline of one of our favorite resources which divides America into regions in no particular order. Given we have used this book consistently for the past twelve or so years one would think the logic would reveal itself. It hasn’t.  Not to us, anyway.  As for the timing of our menu switcheroo, that comes down to being distracted by a council-issued to-do list.  You know, the kind that focuses on minutia while over looking the obvious.  The sane.  The rational.  The reasonable.  Example?  Here goes:  a microscopic chip was pointed out on a stair tread.  After staunching the blood flowing from my newly bitten tongue, I opted to investigate the council’s perspective on another issue, namely that of a neighbour who has taken to burning trash in the rear car park.  A fire that is no longer “contained” in a cracked bin, but one that is ignited directly on the pavement.  The goal was to see what, exactly, posed a real risk/danger.  The answer?  The microscopic chip.  Not uncontained flames nor smoke in the midst of an enclosed car park in a densely populated urban area often found in the middle of the day.  Yes.  Of course.  Who am I to determine if that poses any threat to the health and welfare of people or property?  Silly me.  To be fair, we have a rather long to-do list ourselves and some items overlap with the Jobsworth List.  Perhaps we won’t have to divert too many resources to finishing our tasks.  With just the right amount of wind speed and direction, we might be reduced to a pile of cinder in no time.              

So given the convergence of council-induced stress and the time of year, we opt for full-on comfort food with a variety of things one could find at any proper diner.  On any corner.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Provided you were in New York, that is.  But you’re here.  And so are we.  And we might be able to help.  

The Waldorf
The Last Word – what very New Yorker wants
The Big Apple
The Perfect Manhattan
The Bronx
Brooklyn Cocktail
Egg Cream
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Karnatzlach or Yiddish Sausage
Turkey Joe on Mac N Cheese Pancake
Blue Plate Turkey Burger on English Muffin
Chicken Parmesan
Tuna Melt
Steak Diane
Brooklyn Duck Meatloaf
Baked Bean Cobbler
Noodle Pudding
Delmonico Potatoes 
Nesselrode Pie
Foster’s Frozen Lime Pie
Blackout Cake

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