Land of Enchantment

One of the last babies in the bunch, Number 47 is a culinary treasure.  That is if you like Mexican-style cuisine, which we do.  When we did a blog for FoodNetwork, we drove from Amarillo in the north Texas panhandle in a wide southwestern arc through New Mexico into El Paso which sits on the Mexican border as does half of southern New Mexico.  We drove through Roswell and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, past lots of dry land dotted with missions (think church) and cactus.  And yes, we actually saw Roadrunners, the state bird.  FYI, they’re not big at all, but they can run.  Roswell was as you’d expect, a bit kooky, a bit touristy, a bit odd.  But the eeriest part was the 747 cemetery of sorts, where the big birds went to rest for eternity.  It wasn’t marked and you couldn’t find the entrance but against the road was a runway filled with decommissioned 747s.  Was this Area 57?  Were we about to be abducted?  No such luck.  Even a map doesn’t reveal much.  Perhaps we were thirsty and seeing things in the desert?  Either way we did find it enchanting.  Nuevo Mexico got its name in 1563 from Spanish explorers who believed the area was home to wealthy Indian cultures similar to those in the Aztec Empire.  Mexico, once called New Spain, took its modern name in 1821 upon winning independence from Spain.  Not that anyone asked.

This time around we had some help from a regular customer, @Danivoodo.  She not only shared some great family recipes, but popped by for a talk on food and family in New Mexico.  Without further ado, we offer up some spirited grub full of spirit and spice.

But for now think about slaking your thirst with one (or more) of these...       

Wile E. Coyote


Cactus Juice


Missionary’s Downfall

Alien Slime



The New Mexican


Indian Water

A Tipple for Tonto


And filling your pie hole with these...




flour tortilla, cream cheese, jalapeño, avocado and salsa


beef and cheese or spicy migas onions and pork, mojo on the side


deep fried corn tortillas, spicy pulled pork, sour cream



Sonoran Hot Dog

chili dog on steroids...a bacon wrapped dog, chili, cheese, mustard, ketchup, migas onions, salsa

Indian (American, that is) Burger

deep fried onion strips, beef patty and cheddar on flat fry bread


pan-fried flour tortilla, beef, cheese, greens and house-made ancho chili sauce

Carne Adovada

slow-roasted pork on house-made ancho chili sauce, traditional Spanish rice,

refried beans and cheese


stacked crispy corn tortillas, chicken or refried beans, chili sauce, cheese, salsa,

greens and even more fixins




butternut squash and courgette, cheese and tortilla chips

Green Chili Spoonbread

fluffy polenta, green chilies and cheese