It's beginning to look a lot like .... well, c'mon, you must know by now!

Many of our regulars head away (skiing, stables etc) during the festive period, so we wish you safe and happy travels.

To those of you staying in W4 and surroundings, let's par-tay!

Or - maybe? - just eat lots of delicious food with friends and family

and fall asleep around 3pm?

Festive love to all and we look forward to seeing you in 2016.

 Just so you know, the only day we're closed is Christmas Day.

 Christmas Eve - open.

Boxing Day - open.

Monday 28th - open.

NYE - open (you get the drift?)

For those of you looking to stop by Blue Plate for dinner - maybe Boxing Day or 2nd January ?-

we've got a special Saturday dinner menu of our alltime greatest hits.


Our Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich 10.5

Slow-roast pork slathered with our signature BBQ sauce

Chili Dog 10.5

A hotdog with sirloin chili and all the fixins* on our homemade hotdog buns

*Fixins – ketchup, mustard, cheese, chow chow

Y'all like some spoonbread? 10.5

Think cottage pie, southern style and spicy

Turkey Taco 10.5

Turkey minced with raisins and apple, cabbage, sour cream and salsa

Butternut Squash Polenta 12.5

Italian spiced sausage with onion served over squash polenta

Sloppy Joe 10.5

Chili on our homemade bun with grated cheese and onion served with slaw

Sauerbraten 14.5

Sirloin roast cooked in sweet and sour sauerbraten sauce

Collard Greens and cornbread 10.50

A hot bowl of collard greens cooked in seasoned smoky bacon broth

Chicago Deep-dish pizza 14.5

Meatloaf pizza, meat or veggie loaf with Francine's tomato sauce and cheese of course

Carolina Slaw 4.5

Fresh cabbage, peppers and onions in a boiled vinegar sauce

Broccoli Salad 4.5

Red onion, bacon, cheddar in a creamy sorghum dressing

Macaroni Salad 4.5

Macaroni, tomatoes, dill and peppers

Hassleback Potatoes 4.5

Baked Russet potato, paprika garlic and molasses