So, it's that time of year again. If you know any turkeys, probably best tell them to get their affairs in order.

We've got Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday 26th November, but we're repeating the fiesta Friday and Saturday night too (27th and 28th) click to check out the menu and book for either the Friday or Saturday night.

We're staying turkey-tastic every Saturday night in November, with the three must have elements of Thanksgiving: turkey, cornbread and pumpkin in all different formats for the holiday festivities. So what with Halloween last month, not a great time to be a pumpkin either?

3PO 14.5

pumpkin pancetta pizza, oh my

Tamale Pie 10.5

Baked casserole with corn bread base, OD's spicy beef chili with chipotle chilies and cheese

Thanksgiving Sandwich 12.5

Turkey and all the fixins (cherry corn bread stuffing, cranberry compote and of course turkey)

Cluck and Pluck 16.5

After it clucks, we cook and pluck it

Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce on Buttermilk Loaf

Pork baked beans, Carolina slaw, backyard macaroni salad

Chili Mac 14.5

OD's spicy beef chili on top of our Mac N Cheese, Cornbread

Turkey on Mac N Cheese Pancake 14.5

Stewed turkey on a mac and cheese pancake

Pumpkin Kugel 5.5

A pumpkin noodle pudding