You may have heard that back where we come from, there’s a little election going on this year. There has been some media coverage. Ok, there’s been a ton of coverage. Even though no one actually knows the names that will be on the November ballot. There have been some pretty crazy moments, and there’s still 8 months to go. Sigh.

So, instead of focussing on our future, we thought we’d look back and celebrate the home state of our current president. Kenya.

Just kidding. As we all now know (even you Donald) the 44th President of the United States of America hails from Hawaii. So for this month’s Route 66, we’re gonna need a boat, as we sail to the isolated volcanic archipelago that is Hawaii. It’s also a name synonymous with paradise, shirts, and some pretty tasty food…


Hawaii Poke 6.5

A tuna, peanut, ginger and sesame salad

Huli Chicken 11.5

Sweet and sour grilled chicken with a peppery kick

Hawaiian Club Sandwich 12.5

two tiered, seared tuna with pineapple, bacon, basil mayo and lettuce on our toasted

Loco Moco 10.5

White rice with a beef burger smothered in gravy and topped with fried eggs

Hawaiian Pizza 12.5

Chicken, ham, pineapple with a tangy sauce on cornmeal pizza dough

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwich 10.5

Fruity and gingery bbq sauce slathered on our roasted pulled pork

Braised Pork Shoulder 14.5

Pineapple and ginger marinated shoulder of pork served on a bed of grits